Contact ID Report Codes - Alarm and Trouble


I am programming a zone type 90 configurable zone on a SafeWatch 3000EN through A*T.  How can I find out what my Contact ID Report Codes for alarms and troubles?

In *56 each zone tells you the report code. If your using contact ID, you can put 10 as report code for every zone. The purpose for contact ID
is the panel actually disregards the actual report code that you have and tells the central stations receiver for example, if Zone 1 is a exit/entry zone, it tells central station that zone 1, type entry exit, alarm. It actually
does not transmit the report code that you have programmed. Only if your using 4+2 or 3+1 report format instead of contact ID will the panel
actually use the actual reporting code. Hope this helps you out Ryan.


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