DSC Alexor Remote Arming

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I recently installed an Alexor system for a vacation home and want the ability to remotely arm and disarm the system from my I Phone.
I have looked everywhere and found that it really cannot be done.
I was thinking of having the home automation system trigger a relay to the PGM to arm and disarm.
Has anyone ever done this ? if so could you explain how?

If anyone has any other ideas it would be appreciated

Unfortunately that's the problem with these low-end wireless only panels. They seem to be made for the monitoring companies so that their can reduce their labor costs, but at the expense of functionality. The panels aren't expandable so you can't use any of the useful expansion modules.

Thanks exactly why I went with the PC1832, I wanted to control it from my Android phone, and I wanted to tie it into my home automation system.

You can do remote arming through connection 24. You basically need to have monitoring service that supports it. Currently you can only do it through text message but from my understanding they are working on creating program that you can install on your smart phone.

Any idea which monitoring service could make this work thru sms?

Alarm relay can do it


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