DSC PC5010 keypad wiring issue...help


I am having trouble with wiring on my DSC Power Series system and I'm looking for some advice. 

My system is a DSC Power Series 832 (a PC5010 with a PC5108 expander module) with a single PC5516Z keypad.  The system functions perfectly; I have never had an issue.  In this project I am adding a second keypad to the system. 

In preparation for installing the keypad I installed 4-conductor cable from the main panel to the location of the new keypad. I HAVE NOT installed the keypad, however; I have only layed the cable and made the connection to the PC5010.

Upon connecting the new cable to the R/G/B/Y connectors on the PC5010 and powering up the system the exsisting keypad is inactive; only long continuous beeping occurs from the panel and it is non-responsive.

I checked for a short and for continuity in the new cable and couldn't find any problem.  When I disconnect the newly installed cable from the PC5010 and connect only the expander module and exsisting keypad (i.e. reverting back to the original configuration of the system) the system powers up and is completley functional.

This is confusing to me.  It isn't clear why a run of cable from the PC5010 with no device (keypad or otherwise) at the other end would cause a problem with the system.

Any thoughts?

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       Attaching a non-terminated cable to the keybus should not affect the system (I just double- and triple-checked it on the bench to make sure). I suspect that when you connected the new cable, one of the data wires (yellow/green) from the existing keypad did not make proper contact once the new wires were inserted. DSC terminals can be a bit fussy to work with, particularly when placing more than one wire in the same terminal.


KIP, thanks for doing the bench-top experiment for me.  The result is as I expected:   the non-terminated conductor shouldn't cause this problem.

I'll re-check the Y/G connections when I connect the new keybus wiring to the exsisting connections on the PC5010 and report back.



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