vista 20p with 6150RF

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I want to install  vista 20p with a 6150RF and along with some 5816  contacts and one RF motion sensor. Do I need to hook up a 6160 keypad to program all of them together?I will need to remove the 6160 keypad from panel once is programmed and only used the 6150RF. Is this prossible, please help.

astral voyage:
yes, you will require 6160 to program *56 zone programming.

on this panel you can have 6160 set to address 16 and 6150rf set to 17(will require enabling in *190=10). since non-rf keypads are not supervised, you can simply disconnect 6160 once you are done.

Thank you ;D

If you purchased the 6160rf you wouldn't have to worry about
switching the keypads. Plus the 6150rf comes with a medium receiver
inside and the 6160rf has a high receiver which would allow you a more amount of zones for future expansion.

Today I installed my system, I get an error message" check 100 RF receiver" on my 6160 and 6150RF keypads.what I did today, I wired both keypads in the panel, I used the 6160 to program my zones and one wireless motion sensor and also one 5816. On *190=10. Do I need to set anything in *24 RF house ID?. If so I don't know the format to setup. Do I need to program my 6150RF to communicate with the panel? How do I do that? Please help


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